How ‘The Bodyguard’ Brought Me Back to Wanting to Act Again

I’ve made a letter to my future self before that contains details as to why I wanted to stop acting although I will not post the article in this blog due to it being really, really personal and something I only let a select few to read.

After a certain incident happened, I didn’t want to act anymore and felt like I should just follow a different kind of interest and then it happened… A producer from The Bodyguard production came knocking on the door of my Theater class and told me to audition on that day with no idea of what the script is even like since I’ve never even heard of the musical or the movie version of it. I wasn’t comfortable with taking the role but I did anyway since they were really desperate in getting a person who can do the role of a bodyguard.

After countless rehearsals, it was finally the night of the show. I don’t want to say all the details of what the judges said about the show but what really got me back into wanting to act again is what the judges said about all the actors. ‘All the actors were truthful.’ To hear those sweet words gave the confidence I needed to get back into acting.


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