Ever Want to Rob a Bank?

Have you ever imagined what it it’s like to rob a bank just because you’re low on cash? Have you ever dreamed of robbing one in a sexy suit and tie while wearing a clown mask but can never do because you don’t want to get a life sentence in a maximum security prison? Then Payday 2 is the right game for you.

It’s essentially a ‘crime simulator’. You can rob banks, private armies, and other crime syndicates all for the sake of making a quick buck. Other heists require you to steal exotic cars from dealerships, make drugs, torture a tax man to give codes to a server containing a huge amount of cash, etc. All heists are either done loud or stealth. Loud means that you have to fend off the cops as you go about your business while stealth means you have to do the objectives without letting the whole place know you’re there. When you go loud in heists, the game has a ‘Left 4 Dead’ feel to it where you’re essentially fighting hordes, yes I mean hordes of cops with only your four-man crew to fight them off which makes the game very fast paced and requiring you to take out the enemies as fast as you can.

There are a lot of details that I skipped over but that’s the main stuff of the game so if you ever want to just rob your neighborhood bank then you should give Payday 2 a try.


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