Crossfire: An Addiction or a Passion?

Crossfire is probably my most favorite game of all time. It’s essentially a Counter Strike clone made for the Asian market hence why the game has so many different modes that are not seen in conventional first person shooter games. The game is pretty old since it came out in 2008 yet it’s still going strong today with a bigger player base than ever before.

I’ve played this game since 2012 when I was still in high school. I would always go to computer shops whenever I had some money left to play a game or two. I used to be bullied by the other kids to be honest because I was bad at the game initially which is only natural but eventually all of the kids started to praise me and watch me as I play because I got really good at the game. I love the game so much, it’s what pushed me to buy my own PC and gaming set up. I even joined the forum community of the game where I’m now really well known and respected I even have a post there that’s already 3 years old but it’s still on the front page with nearly 100,000 views on it. It concerns a suggestion I have to make the game better, if you’re interested to know click this link:

I’ve even made videos of gameplay and guides for the game. Links to all the videos are in my youtube channel here:

I guess in a way I am passionate and addicted to the game. There were times that I did get tired of Crossfire and stopped playing for about 3 months but I had to come back to it. There’s just this mysterious force that keeps me coming back. I can guarantee that as long as this game’s servers are still running, I’ll probably still be playing it.


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