Mechanical Keyboards: Why They’re Awesome


  1. The switches of mechanical keyboards are the most obvious reason as to why they’re awesome. First of all, these switches are what make the typing experience on the keyboard so satisfying. You probably know about those mushy plastic keyboards you see in offices and computer shops. You’re probably fine with typing on them since you’ve grown accustomed to the feeling but once you try out a mechanical keyboard’s switches, your typing experience will change forever. I’ll leave a link here to explain all the different types of switches, how much force they need to actuate, how “clacky” they are, and why they just feel great to type on in general.
  2. Mechanical keyboards last a long time. How long? Well if you’re familiar with those keyboards that exist in the 1980’s that still work until today, mechanical keyboards can last longer than that. You can already tell they’re long lasting just from their weight which can actually be more than a pound.
  3. They’re noisy. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Why is it that having it being noisy is something awesome about it?” Well, it’s really just something I can’t explain unless you try typing on it for yourself. There’s something about their sound that just makes typing so satisfying.

I do have to tell you one downfall these keyboards have. They’re expensive. Really expensive. The regular membrane keyboards you see everyday are about 200 Php while mechanical keyboards can have a price range from 3,000 Php to 10,000 Php depending on the brand, features, etc. I do promise however that once you do try out a mechanical keyboard, I guarantee you’ll want one despite its hefty price.

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