Rebalancing Payday 2 with the New Difficulty


Payday 2 received an update which is the “One Down Difficulty” update which is essentially a difficulty level that is above the previous highest difficulty in the game, Death Wish. To simply explain how hard the game has become, it now takes a lot, and I mean a lot of shots aimed at the head just to kill the regular cops, that doesn’t even count the specials like the Tazers, Cloakers, and Bulldozers who have a ton of health already in the previous difficulty.

What makes this new difficulty harder is that you can only go down (become incapacitated) once before your screen turns gray, signaling to the player that it’s time to use a doctor bag or else he will immediately go into custody if he goes down again.

I look forward to finishing all the heists on One Down difficulty to get the final achievement and the One Down Difficulty mask which looks really awesome.


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