Following your passion alone is probably the worst thing you can do.

Most people say that you should follow your passion when looking for a job or when choosing a course to take in college. That’s wrong.

Most of us see those people who win awards from directing a movie or releasing the next big pop song and they always say the secret to attaining their success was following their passion. There’s something that people need to understand. What your passionate about isn’t always what you’re good at.

Take a look at the American Idol contestants in the auditions as an example. Thousands of people go to the auditions expecting to receive the golden ticket because they believe they’re good at what they do (singing) where they later find out that they’re horrible or at the very least, not noteworthy enough.

The same applies to other passions all of us have. You’re probably asking yourself “Well, what should I do then? Just take a standard job or course or something I’m actually good at?” and my answer to that is a YES. People need to recognize what they’re good at and what they’re passionate about. If you find that what you’re good at is also your passion then good for you. However, if that isn’t the case, keep doing what you’re good at. You will learn to be passionate about it in the long run.


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