A Rant on Romantic Movies

Now I’m sure many of you have a soft spot for some romance or romcoms for those who want a laugh in the movie as well but there’s a particular trend I’ve noticed in a few movies that kind of bugs me. It may seem like an alright plot device to drive the story forward but I see it as something that can be easily fixed or even avoided entirely. It’s the problem of using miscommunication or no communication about the problem to move the story or to act as a plot point.

I hate it because of the fact that a movie’s problem in the story could have been solved in the first 20 minutes or so if the couple just talked about it in the first place. An example is from the movie La La Land. Now I have to admit that I did like the movie because I have a soft spot for musicals and the cinematography along with its style is top notch and it pays homage to the old days of Hollywood filmmaking. The story however was a bit underwhelming. I won’t give any spoilers here but one of the key plot points is that there were misunderstandings between the couple which they could have easily sorted out if they talked about it earlier (you’ll get it once you watch it). I just find that this kind of storytelling seems to make the characters childish. I probably think this way because of my experience where any typical problem can be fixed in a relationship if the two simply talk about it.


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