Game Review: Resident Evil 4

This game is one I’ve played ever since my childhood. It’s a survival horror with some action in it as well. It’s gameplay is a lot different from the previous games in the franchise because this game uses an “over the shoulder” perspective when playing instead of the fixed camera angles that the older games have. The game’s story is not really special but the gameplay, along with the extra features and mini games that Resident Evil 4 has makes it very replayable. I do have to admit the horror aspect of the game does dwindle as you go along the story as it starts to focus more on the survival and action aspect of it but I don’t see anything wrong with it and I prefer for that it took this direction.

The horror aspect isn’t completely absent though. Some enemies are still definitely terrifying to face off with like the “Chainsaw Ganados,” zombies that wield chainsaws and are difficult to kill, even if you use more damaging weapons. Hearing them scream and turning on their chainsaws always brings chills down my spine.

I do have a criticism about the characters in the game, many of them have cheesy lines which sort of takes me out of the experience of the game but the franchise in general is known for having this ever since the first in the installment.

I definitely recommend you to try out this game and it’s well worth your time. The best part is that there is no DLC. You just need the base game for it already comes along with all the extra mini games and side stories of other characters you encounter in the main game.


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