We’re All Children at Heart

Sounds a bit cliché to say but it’s true. As adults, we’re expected to act ‘mature’ which some people are able to do pretty well but we all act like children sometimes, especially when we’re with our loved ones. An example is when there is a problem between a couple that seems to have an easy solution yet the other will not do. It’s not that the other is dumb, the problem is that he is giving into his childish side making him seem impossible to deal with.

Many times, when we give into our childish side, we can say pretty mean things which we didn’t really mean to say. All of us are guilty of this so we should try to understand loved ones when they do so. Think of any of our loved ones as a child in an adult body, we have to understand and forgive them whenever they do something immature. We all want to be like children, especially when we’re irritated, but our society doesn’t permit this kind of behavior once we reach a certain age so we mostly do it in the privacy of our homes when we’re with the people who are close to us.


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