Regrets (A Story)

Three brothers named Sharky, the eldest, Stingray, the second child, and Stone, the youngest, who live in a coral reef that is owned by their grandfather, Baracuda. He provided everything that the three brothers needed after their parents died during their vacation, leaving their children behind. He worked hard every day to protect, feed, work and do everything they needed for them. He spoiled them for as long as the three brothers lived with him.


Baracuda eventually became old and could no longer do the things he once did and became “reef-ridden” (bedridden). The three brothers did not want to take care of him because of their grandfather’s ramblings, wild behavior, and the daily responsibilities that once were their grandfather’s, were now bestowed unto them. His two grandchildren did took him for granted so they put the responsibility of taking care of the grandfather to Stone since he wasn’t old enough to work yet.  Sharky and Stingray would work while Stone would take care of his grandfather.


Stone did not really take his responsibility too seriously. He did make sure his grandfather always ate but rarely tried to communicate with him. Stone would just play and finish his responsibilities while his grandfather would simply watch. Sometimes, Baracuda would try to talk to Stone but whenever he does, Stone would be annoyed and sometimes, even angry and tell his grandfather off. Stone knew what he was doing was wrong and he would tell himself every night to change himself but he always forgot by the next day and the cycle would repeat. His two brothers did not really take the situation seriously for sometimes, they would act similarly when they get home from work.


After months of this happening, Baracuda started getting weaker. He was no longer eating the food Stone would serve him. Baracuda just slept the entire day without a meal and when Stone left his grandfather some food, he would never eat it. At that night, Stone noticed his grandfather crying. His grandfather said ” Why do you treat me badly? Do you not want me here? I did everything for you, everything you wanted yet the three of you take me for granted. Am I just a dead weight to you? Then I’d rather die than live with you.” Stone was stunned by what he said and he realized all his shortcomings and begged his grandfather for forgiveness. Without Baracuda even being able to say anything, Stone ran off to prepare the best food he can make to serve to Baracuda and fed him personally instead of just leaving a tray by his grandfather. He apologized with tears in his eyes again and again to Baracuda and his grandfather replied “It’s alright, you don’t have to repeat yourself, l I know you’re sorry and I made the mistake of spoiling you and your two brothers.”


Stone took care of his grandfather the best way he can every day after that. Stone’s two brothers never really changed but noticed their grandfather was stronger than before but they never really tried to appreciate Stone for taking good care of their grandfather. Eventually, their grandfather died. Stone cried but he didn’t have a heavy heart. He knows his grandfather forgave him and that he did the best he could to make his grandfather happy after that night. Stone noticed his two brothers were never the same after that. They were in constant depression and had a lot of mood swings. The two never reconciled with the one who took care of them when they had nothing left.


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