Date (Commercial Review)



First of all I want to emphasize how much I like these sad twists in storytelling which is also the reason why I like “feels” movies and series. The message of the commercial is quite beautiful actually because it shows loving someone and preparing special things for them even when you’re at your lowest because to see your loved one smile makes you happy. I know it’s true for all of us, even I have first-hand experience with that.


I like how the shots were taken and the way they integrated “Jollibee” into the story by stating it’s the mother’s favorite makes the whole concept seem natural and not forced. Other commercials don’t make the inclusion of “Jollibee” in the story seem natural which I’ll get to in my other paper. The reaction of the actors and actress in the commercial felt true which is also one of the reasons why I started tearing up the moment the tablet with the video of the father in the hospital was shown. Now I do want to say that it isn’t the saddest kind of commercial I’ve seen but it definitely touches the heart no matter how much of a tough guy (or girl) you are.


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