Vow (Commercial Review)



            The other commercial is called “vow”. It features a man that looks like he’s going to be married and shots of the bride is shown walking down the aisle. Various flashbacks show up as to how they met (which was through Jollibee with a love at first sight kind of situation), to them developing the relationship. The twist here is that the man wasn’t actually going to marry her. He was just one of the groomsmen in the wedding and right behind the man was the actual groom. The video does end with a voice over of the man saying that he would still support and love her even when he wasn’t the one the girl chose.


I want to point out this commercial definitely has inspiration from the song Kundiman by Silent Sanctuary. Both of them essentially send the message that even if they aren’t meant to be, the man will still always be there to help and support the girl because he still loves her and his love for the girl is unconditional. The message of loving someone unconditionally is definitely beautiful but not a tear-jerker.

The part where the guy first falls in love with the girl when he saw her walk into Jollibee and they both order the exact same thing while they say it at the same time seems to be really scripted and forced which is my only criticism of this commercial. In my opinion, “date” was still a better commercial because of how much it affected me emotionally.


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