Kutkot and My Insights, Reactions, Etc.


Kutkot is a documentary that concerns the culture of the Hanuno. Most of us, even myself, will see them as strange or even disrespectful because of the rituals they do with their dead. Although I must take a look at their practices from another perspective, even if what they do is revolting in my eyes. I understand that they do it because its part of their culture and because it is at the request of the person who passed away. As I watched this documentary, I had to tell myself that I need to understand that when I see something disrespectful in their culture because it counters my beliefs, I should take it from there perspective that when they see a certain activity that the culture I live in does, they see that as something ill-mannered and insolent.

I do have to give the Hanuno due credit for their efforts in following their practices just from the cost alone. They clearly take these practices to heart for the efforts they do for their dead. From digging up the bones, assembling them, eating alongside the them, sewing clothes for them, performing ritualistic dances, to climbing mountains in order to lay their dead in their final resting place. In this particular documentary though, they made a makeshift resting place due to the danger of grave robberies in the usual cave that the Hanuno laid their dead to rest.


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