Coldplay – The Scientist | Music Video Explanation (Theory)

I’m sure you’ve heard of this song but if you haven’t… where have you been all your life? Under a rock or something? Anyway, it’s not only the song that I’ll focus on in this post. Instead, it’s the music video in its entirety. If you haven’t seen it, watch it first and then continue reading.


The whole video is played in reverse and here’s a fun fact, the singer (Chris Martin) also had to sing (or at least lip sync) the song backwards while doing the video so that it would look like he was singing the song forwards while the video is playing backwards.

Now the first thing to explain is why the video is being played in reverse and the reason is that it’s a music video about remembering the past, a past relationship to be specific. The girl that you see towards the end of the video is who he has a relationship with.

The next thing to explain is why Chris didn’t go to the hospital after the crash and instead he just laid down on the bed and closed his eyes. The reason is that the car crash never really happened. The car crash is symbolic of their breakup and how bad it was.

Another thing to take note of is towards the end of the video, Chris was seen wearing (or taking off if played forwards) his jacket which was black. The girl was also wearing a black jacket. This black jacket symbolizes their old selves. Chris was able to move on and renew himself after the break up which is why he has a white shirt underneath his jacket while the girl being dead and wearing the black jacket symbolizes that she was never able to move on from the breakup and remained in this kind of limbo, hence the reason she is dead in the video.

One last thing to take note of in the video is that Chris started the video lying down with his eyes closed. This symbolizes him being at peace and has completely moved on from the break up.

This idea was inspired by the song itself because the song is about a person reminiscing his bittersweet past.



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