Don’t buy a pre-built, build your own PC

If you’re in the market right now to buy a PC then you need to know something first. Whenever you see a computer parts shop selling an all in one desktop package, don’t buy it. Don’t even consider buying it. It’s not a good deal. Then right now, you must be  scratching your heads wondering “well, if I’m not going to buy that package, what should I do then? The package seems really convenient since everything you need is there.” While yes, it is convenient but the performance you are getting compared to the money you paid for would be bad.

The reason for the bad deal is that many of these all in one package setups have common flaws in nearly all of them, only one part of the computer, usually the processor, is actually good while the rest of the parts are just second thoughts to the build. Usually in the “high-end” packages, you would see that it has an i7 processor in it, which is pretty good, but the rest of the parts are bad like it only has a graphics card and amount of RAM that seems questionable in performance compared to the  processor.

What should you do then? Build your own PC. It seems daunting at first but to be honest it’s not that difficult to pick out what parts work well with each other and are compatible. The actual assembly of the computer is simple to. It’s like Lego for adults. The way I found out how to build one is simply with the use of google. A little bit of research and you’re already well on your way in making the best deal for yourself by assembling one on your own.


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