Why are many people, myself included, like this?  Putting something off for the next day again and again until eventually you realize you only have a few days left before its submission. It’s illogical for us to do this yet we continue to do so. Why?

Now this isn’t a scientific answer but it’s my guess that the reason we are like this is because of distractions. To be more specific, technology. Whenever we have nothing to do and we’re bored out of our minds, we use our phones, play games, or use computers to pass the time. However we also use these to avoid our responsibilities. At the very least, this holds true for me from what I’ve experienced.

We prefer to have instant gratification, which is entertainment from using technology, rather than delayed gratification, where we resist our temptations to get a hold of that sweet source of instant gratification, in order to gain a better reward, which may be a passing mark or praise and respect from others, especially those above you.


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