Far Cry 4: A Reflection on the State of Real World War Torn Countries

Pagan Min

Far Cry 4 is the sequel to the game Far Cry 3, a game I previously reviewed and gave high praise for. Does Far Cry 4 live up to its predecessor? Well, I’ll tell you in a bit. Let’s first dive into the story and deeper meaning of this game.

You play as Ajay Ghale, a man who returned to the fictional country of Kyrat, which is located somewhere near the Himalayas, to fulfill his mother’s dying wish which is to return her ashes to Lakshmana in Kyrat. While you’re there, you meet the antagonist of the story, Pagan Min, a self-appointed psychopathic dictator. You also meet the two leaders of the rebel group, the Golden Path, against the government of Pagan Min, Amita and Sabal. The game revolves around doing missions for the latter two and making decisions on whether you will do Amita’s or Sabal’s wishes.

Amita wants to bring financial prosperity to the developing country of Kyrat while Sabal wants to uphold its ancient traditions. Both try to sway you towards their side and your decision on whose side you choose will appoint either one as the leader of the Golden Path. While both seem to have good intentions, down the road you’ll see they both have their own personal agendas and are willing to do things similar to the heinous actions of the antagonist, Pagan Min.

The game is all about decisions and the futility of those decisions. Even at the start of the game where you’re captured by Pagan Min, if you decide to wait at the palace for 15 minutes like what Pagan Min told you to do instead of trying to escape, you will actually reach the ending of the game and is somewhat a good ending where all your questions of what Lakshmana is and whose side you should really take are answered.

The game makes you question the point of choosing a side when all the characters seemingly have their own agendas that negatively affect the citizens of Kyrat. This aspect of the game reflects the reality happening in countries under civil war where seemingly no matter what leader the citizens vote for, they’re all rotten and are only concentrated on self gain. In fact, if you play the game and try to get all the endings, you realize it’s Amita and Sabal who lie to you to get you on their side while Pagan Min was actually always completely honest with you. Violent and psychotic, yes, but honest nonetheless. He’s the one who explains to you what Lakshmana is and the real story behind the mystery of your family. I won’t say what that is since it’s better if you just play the game to find out.

So to answer the question I asked awhile ago… yes. Far Cry 4 is a good sequel to the game Far Cry 3. It does fall flat however in its story. Far Cry 4’s story is not emotionally compelling like Far Cry 3, instead the intelligence and deepness of the story is nested within the game if you analyze it carefully which not all gamers do.


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