Twenty One Pilots: Happy Music and Depressing Lyrics


First of all, let me explain what Twenty One Pilots is. It’s a band consisting of two members, Tyler Joseph, the singer, and Josh Dun, the drummer. Their songs are always about depression however their approach in making the music for these songs is quite different. You would expect a depressing song to use sad music but most of their songs don’t. In fact it’s quite the opposite. I know this sounds counterintuitive but the reason for this is something deeper than just trying to remain be mainstream music which usually follows this theme.

Think of it like this. Imagine a person as one of Twenty One Pilots’ songs. What we see on the outside of a person is usually something positive. People always pretend they’re fine, especially with the colleagues, friends, and even families. This represents the music that we hear from Twenty One Pilots. It sounds happy and it’s always the first thing we recognize when we hear a song.

Now let’s imagine that person again but this time imagine it as someone you are really close to like your spouse. You understand the struggles that person deals with every day, including their internal struggles which can often be more disgruntling than their external struggles. You only acquire this understanding when you are close to them on an intimate level. You pay attention to all the things they do. Now let’s apply it to the songs of Twenty One Pilots’ again. The lyrics of their songs are really depressing and dark despite the happy tune of the song. You don’t really understand the lyrics when listening to their songs until you actually try to focus on the lyrics.

Basically, the entire song represents a person. What we see on the outside of a person is the music we hear which is usually happy and upbeat while what a person is really feeling and experiencing represents the lyrics of the song. It’s sad and is something you won’t notice unless you pay attention.


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