Using a Keypad Cellphone in the Smartphone Age


After owning a smartphone that has fallen on the ground countless times for 6 years, it finally died on me a few months ago. Well it didn’t really die, it just has a busted simcard tray and it won’t read any simcard you put in it anymore making it useless for texts and calls. Luckily, my brother recently won a keypad phone in a raffle draw from a year end celebration in his office and since he already has his own phone, he gave me the keypad phone and I’ve realized how much of a blessing this cellphone was to me after months of usage.

At first, I was really annoyed with having this kind of cellphone because of how barebones it was. It just had a call and text feature and the game, Snake, on it. Using it was also difficult since I was so used to having an on-screen keyboard when typing a message but now I had to press buttons a certain amount of times to get the letter I want which is really cumbersome, especially with how I type since I always type completely instead of using text language like asking the question “wer u?”.

I’ve did realize something after using it for awhile. I was more productive. Because of how featureless the cellphone was, I wasn’t distracted by it unlike my old phone where I could do almost anything I could do on my desktop and just completely ignore the other responsibilities I had that day. I didn’t procrastinate that much anymore and became a lot more observant of my surroundings. It even made me notice how distracted everyone else is because whenever I see someone not do anything, the first thing they immediately is pull out their smartphone and start scrolling through Facebook or playing games.

So if you want to be more productive without completely destroying your long distance communications with anyone, get a keypad phone and you’ll see the benefits of having this kind of phone far outweighs its disadvantages which are jus distractions in your daily life.


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